Public Works Responds to Rising Waters

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Corvallis saw a lot of rain Monday and overnight. More than two inches fell, causing local streams and creeks to break their banks. All in all, it created a busy evening for Corvallis Public Works crews. “Our crews responded last night till about 9 p.m. putting up high water signs, clearing plugged … Continue reading »

Streets Flood at the UO

EUGENE, Ore. — This week’s record rainfall is why the University of Oregon was pretty much a water park Monday night, according to the city of Eugene. Students and cars waded through more than a foot of standing water. It got almost as bad the next day, especially around 1 p.m. when the rain was … Continue reading »

Eugene School Parking Lots Flood

EUGENE, Ore. —¬†Water covered several parking lots Tuesday, including the main parking lot at Buena Vista Elementary where students were dropped. Maintenance crews worked fast to clean up the mess. “(It was) 10 to 12 inches at some of the deepest parts. I know the water came up pretty close to the curb,” said Juan … Continue reading »

Car Almost Backs into Amazon Creek

EUGENE, Ore. — A car almost ended up in the Amazon slough Tuesday morning, but not because of the weather. The Eugene resident says he was backing out of his driveway across from the slough when his car sped up to 150 miles per hour. Luckily it stopped before he hit the water. He and … Continue reading »