Secret Millionaire Donates to Oakridge

OAKRIDGE, Ore. — The ABC show Secret Millionaire is helping the small community of Oakridge rebound from some tough economic times. In a small town like Oakridge, it’s hard for anything to stay a secret. But in October of 2011, a film crew from the show disguised themselves as a documentary film crew and were … Continue reading »

Oakridge Measures Could Bring Big Change

OAKRIDGE, Ore. — Of all of the city measures local residents are voting on Tuesday, the three items on the Oakridge ballot might spur the most change. Residents suggested the three measures after a $400,000 financial debacle shook the Lane County town last year. After a complicated year at Oakridge City Hall, residents now have … Continue reading »

Reality TV Show Stresses Oakridge

OAKRIDGE, Ore. — Oakridge residents are getting some much-needed cash as part of the ABC reality TV show Secret Millionaire. But the process is putting some stress on city employees in charge of distributing the anonymous donations. Oakridge has been dealing with money problems since thousands of dollars went missing from the city’s budget last … Continue reading »

Oakridge City Manager Resigns

OAKRIDGE, Ore. — The Oakridge city council Thursday night accepted the resignation of city manager Gordon Zimmerman.  His resignation is effective immediately. The vote to allow Zimmerman to resign followed one that called for him to be terminated with cause.  It was clear from the mood in city hall chambers that residents favored the man’s … Continue reading »

Accountant Delivers the Bad News

OAKRIDGE, Ore. — Thursday night the city council and residents got a full accounting about how the city ended up so deeply in the red.  Considering the time of year, the news was like coal in their Christmas stocking. Tiffany Couch, a forensic accountant from Vancouver, Washington, spent the past few months reviewing cancelled checks … Continue reading »

Oakridge to Get More Answers to City’s Financial Mess

OAKRIDGE, Ore. —  Where did the money go? After six months of anticipation, Oakridge residents will get some answers to the city’s financial mistakes tonight. A forensic accountant from Acuity Group PLLC, based in Vancouver, Washington, will present her findings. This all stems from Oakridge City Manager Gordon Zimmerman’s announcement this summer that he couldn’t … Continue reading »

Oakridge Mayor Speaks Out After Recall Election

OAKRIDGE, Ore. — The unofficial votes are in for Oakridge’s special recall election Tuesday. The three Oakridge city councilors and the town’s mayor will stay in their positions. And now the mayor is speaking out about why he says this election was wrong. He says it was a misuse of the recall process. The mayor … Continue reading »

Oakridge Will Get $500,000 Loan to Avoid Financial Ruin

LANE COUNTY, Ore. —  It appears Oakridge will get the short-term bailout it needs to avoid bankruptcy. The Siuslaw Bank has agreed to loan Oakridge $500,000 and Lane County Commissioners, though hesitant, say they’ll do what’s needed on their end to make the deal work. The Siuslaw Bank will give Oakridge a tax-anticipation note of $500,00 to keep … Continue reading »

Oakridge Lists Lane County as Possible Source of Aid

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — The city of Oakridge voted Thursday night to seek a $500,000 loan and listed Lane County as a possible source to get that money. But how could that be an option being the county is dealing with its own financial issues? Oakridge City Administrator Gordon Zimmerman is scheduled to appear in … Continue reading »

Oakridge Residents Outraged at City’s Financial Mistake

OAKRIDGE, Ore. —  The Oakridge City Administrator announced the cuts needed to fix a budget he says he thought was in the black; turns out, it’s deep in the red. The City of Oakridge’s checkbook doesn’t match with the bank. That means at least six city employees will have to be let go. That’s 25 percent of the city’s staff. City Administrator … Continue reading »