Hyatt Hotel Coming to Oakway Center

EUGENE, Ore. — Oakway Center in Eugene is about to get a facelift. The shopping center developers announced a major expansion project Wednesday that includes a hotel and multi-level parking structure. The parking lot at Oakway Center in front of Chikara and Cafe Yumm will become an eight story building that’ll house hundreds of parking … Continue reading »

Nordstrom Rack One Year Later

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene’s Nordstrom Rack hits the one-year mark Friday. Many say the addition to Oakway Center on Coburg Road has changed the shopping experience. On Oct. 10 of last year, people were lining up to get their hands on some Nordstrom products. So, you would think the foot traffic would have escalated for … Continue reading »

Snow Affecting Christmas Shopping

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s that time of the year for shopping and finding the perfect gift. “The holiday season is always fun for retailers because of the spike in business,” said Bob Coll, owner of the Eugene Running Co. “This year’s actually been pretty good up until the snow,” said Tina Fithian, a sales clerk … Continue reading »

Nordstrom Rack Opens Doors for Expansion

EUGENE, Ore. — With Nordstrom Rack now officially open, every storefront at Oakway Center is leased for the first time since 2008. All day people have been coming in and out of the new Nordstrom Rack. The new store has been quite the hit, bringing shoppers to Oakway, and as we learned Thursday, it could … Continue reading »

Nordstrom Rack Ready to Open Doors

EUGENE, Ore. — Nordstrom Rack is ready to open its doors at Oakway Center in Eugene and people were already lining up outside the doors early Thursday morning. The 32,000 square foot store is replacing a Border’s bookstore that closed in 2011. Property managers say Nordstrom Rack was their first choice and they spent months … Continue reading »

Nordstrom Rack Announces Opening Date

EUGENE, Ore. — Behind the construction fence, workers are putting the finishing touches on the outside of the Nordstrom Rack store. “We should be done probably next Tuesday or Thursday, I have a schedule already called in for Thursday morning and we should meet that without any problem,” said David Jones, supervisor for Ordell Construction. … Continue reading »

Web Extra: Vin Lananna and Ian Dobson

TrackTown USA President Vin Lananna: Former Olympian and event organizer Ian Dobson:

Carpenters Protest Unfair Wages

EUGENE, Ore. — The Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters protested at Oakway Center Monday and wants shoppers to stop shopping there. The council claims the contractor, Northwest Wall Systems, isn’t paying workers enough and providing fair benefits. R&H Construction hired Northwest Wall Systems for the construction job of the soon-to-be Nordstrom Rack. Carpenters say … Continue reading »

Nordstrom Rack to Open at Oakway Center

EUGENE, Ore. — The empty Borders storefront is officially filled, Oakway Center announced Friday morning. Nordstrom Rack signed its lease with the Eugene shopping center two weeks ago. Oakway Center managers told KEZI that Nordstrom Rack started construction even before the lease was signed. The Seattle-based company will start moving in merchandise in May and … Continue reading »