Trending Now: Coke Hoax? And More!

EUGENE, Ore.– Here is what’s trending on Friday. A viral photo of Mambo #5 names on coke bottles- is it real or fake?┬áPresident Obama raps Iggy Azaela’s Fancy in a hilarious mashup, and the internet goes ape over a monkey’s selfie.

Eugene Man Evaluates U.S. Syrian Plan

EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene man closely watched President Obama’s address Tuesday night regarding Syria. The President said he’s exploring whether a Russian proposal to put Syria’s chemical weapons under international control might work. However the administration will continue to seek congressional support for an attack. Armen Kevrekian watched the President’s speech intently at Ambrosia … Continue reading »

Bar Opens for Inauguration Watch Party

EUGENE, Ore. — You usually don’t think of heading to the bars at 8 a.m. on a Monday, but one group of Lane County residents is making an exception. Instead of a celebration over beer and burgers, it was breakfast and a cup of Joe for bar guests glued to the inauguration ceremony playing on … Continue reading »

Presidential Inauguration Live Stream

Watch live-streaming coverage of President Obama’s 2013 Presidential Inauguration here.

Four More Years for President Obama

By Rene Marsh CHICAGO, Ill. (CNN) It will be four more years for President Barack Obama. The President accepted the win from his home state of Chicago. Newly re-elected Obama must tackle problems like the looming fiscal cliff, but before getting back to work he celebrated in Chicago at his election headquarters. An electrified crowd … Continue reading »