Organization Fighting Logging Bill

EUGENE, Ore. — Local environmentalists are speaking out against the proposed O&C Land Grant Act of 2013. The Organization Environment Oregon says the bill would do more damage than good. Representative Peter DeFazio and Senator Ron Wyden champion the bill as a balance between logging and conservation, but Environment Oregon says there is a long … Continue reading »

Both Sides React to Timber Bill

ROSEBURG, Ore. –Douglas County is home to four different O&C land districts. “That’s why this is so important, not only to counties, but to our communities, our economy, our job base,” said Doug Robertson, President of the O&C County Association. The association of O&C counties says because of protests and environmental lawsuits, forestry services have … Continue reading »

O & C Bill Passes Special Committee

EUGENE, Ore. — A step towards creating new jobs while protecting old growth forests is one step closer to reality. After nearly a year-and-a-half of negotiations, the House of Natural Resources Committee passed part of the bi-partisan O & C Trust, Conservation and Jobs Act in late July. Oregon State Representative Peter DeFazio said the … Continue reading »

No Solution Yet for Timber Payments

EUGENE, Ore. — After months of work, there’s no real solution from the state yet about how to solve the battle over federal timber payments. Governor Kitzhaber released his recommendations in response to his panel’s study that impacts all of western Oregon. It’s a complicated tug-of-war that spans decades, so it was surprising back in … Continue reading »