Occupy Eugene One-Year Anniversary

EUGENE, Ore. — Four occupations, hundreds of protests and one year later, Occupy Eugene is still present in this community, just differently than before. Occupy Eugene is still alive, but it isn’t what it used to be. What many local residents saw as an expensive eyesore, and what occupiers felt was a slightly unfocused but … Continue reading »

Occupy Eugene Celebrates Anniversary

EUGENE, Ore. — Occupy Eugene is celebrating its first anniversary Monday. The social movement began last October as a local branch of the Occupy Wall Street movement. While its message is diverse, the group’s main focus is corporate banks and their alleged role in the economic meltdown. Occupy will be starting its celebration this afternoon … Continue reading »

Occupy Eugene Labors On Labor Day

EUGENE, Ore. — Occupy Eugene members spent Labor Day fixing up a foreclosed home in downtown Eugene. The group occupied the home at 1191 Lawrence Street for the past six weeks. Vickie Embree helps brush on a fresh coat of paint on the fence that surrounds this now almost two-year vacant house.  For her, the … Continue reading »

Occupy House Proves to be Peaceful

EUGENE, Ore. — Occupy Eugene’s new protest site is having a positive effect on the neighborhood, according to some residents. People traveling down the 1100 block of Lawrence Street tend to take a second look, because the foreclosed home is now decorated with Occupy propaganda. Neighbors say it’s an improvement from what this place use … Continue reading »

Neighbors React to Occupy’s Latest Move

EUGENE, Ore. — Occupy Eugene has found a new home. Activists cleaned up a residence on the 1100 block of Lawrence Street on Friday. “We have had a number of people coming by and expressing their support. We are happy we got the garbage out of the place and there was no disruptive behavior last … Continue reading »

Occupy Eugene Cleans Foreclosed Home

EUGENE, Ore. — Occupy Eugene found a new spot in town to keep its mission alive and some Eugene residents are already concerned. A foreclosed home on the 1100 block of Lawrence Street is the new location for Occupy Eugene starting Friday night. They say it’s not going to be a village, like what was … Continue reading »

Occupy Out of Federal Building Plaza

EUGENE, Ore. — A deadline comes and goes and protestors wait and wonder. The Occupy Eugene permit to stand in the Federal Building plaza came to an end at 3 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon. Occupy Eugene had a permit for 72 days. Emily Semple, a Eugene resident and member of Occupy Eugene came prepared to … Continue reading »

Federal Government in Control of Occupy Eugene’s Home

EUGENE, Ore. — Occupy protestors have made a home on federal grounds for nearly two months, living at the old courthouse in Eugene. The courthouse is located within city limits. but is a federal building, and that means the city itself has nothing to do with it. The federal government takes care of the buildings’ … Continue reading »

Washington-Jefferson Park Fence Comes Down

EUGENE, Ore. — Washington-Jefferson Park looks like a park again after crews removed the fence that surrounded the property since January. It’s been more than seven months since Washington-Jefferson Park looked like this. Occupy Eugene protesters set up camp there last November, and even though they left in December, the city fenced the park to … Continue reading »

Former Occupy Camp Still Needs Work

May 18, 2012 By Jessica Debbas EUGENE, Ore — The park under the Washington-Jefferson Bridge that hosted Occupy Eugene is scheduled to be back open by mid-June. City crews say there is still work to be done before the gates, blocking off the park, come down. While it was occupied, the park’s soil was compacted … Continue reading »

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