Opportunity Village Launches Job Website

EUGENE, Ore. — People at Eugene’s Opportunity Village have little to call their own. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot to offer. There are more than 30 people living at Opportunity Village, and the villagers say they understand the mission of the place is to help them transition. So, they came up … Continue reading »

Firefighters Helping the Homeless

EUGENE, Ore. — Local firefighters traded in the hoses and hydrants for the hammers and nails Monday to build transitional housing at Opportunity Village. Monday they built the bungalows from the ground up, using charity money collected throughout the year to pay for supplies. The group built two bungalows in Opportunity Village. Firefighters and paramedics … Continue reading »

Conestoga Huts Fundraiser Breaks Goal

EUGENE, Ore. — Members of the group Community Supported Shelters say their focus is now on building after the community came together Sunday night to raise more than $4,000 to build six more Conestoga huts for people in need of temporary housing. The fundraising goal for Sunday night of $3,600 was blown out of the … Continue reading »

Conestoga Huts in Use

EUGENE, Ore. — Several local leaders and organizations came together Saturday to celebrate an innovative addition to the St. Vincent de Paul’s overnight car camping program. Two people were given a dry, warm roof over their heads in the form of wooden huts. The Eugene City Council recently approved the wooden huts as part of … Continue reading »