City Gives Opportunity Village Extension

EUGENE, Ore. — Opportunity Village won’t be shut down at the end of this month. On Wednesday, the Eugene City Council approved an extension to keep it open for another year and a half. Originally the city agreed with Opportunity Village to run the low-cost micro-housing development for the homeless until October 1 of this … Continue reading »

Opportunity Village Helps Clean Bathroom

EUGENE, Ore. — Bathrooms at a local park are staying open thanks to some volunteers. Sladden City Park in Eugene was one of the parks affected by city budget cuts. The bathrooms would have been closed down by now, but volunteers from Opportunity Village get to work every day at dusk, cleaning the bathrooms and … Continue reading »

Opportunity Village Open House

EUGENE, Ore. — There were lots of visitors at Eugene’s Opportunity Village Saturday afternoon. The community held an open house with music, food, and a crowd of people. Board members and residents say the 29 housing units are finally done and the village has reached capacity with 31 residents. Leaders say they want visitors to … Continue reading »

Firefighters Helping the Homeless

EUGENE, Ore. — Local firefighters traded in the hoses and hydrants for the hammers and nails Monday to build transitional housing at Opportunity Village. Monday they built the bungalows from the ground up, using charity money collected throughout the year to pay for supplies. The group built two bungalows in Opportunity Village. Firefighters and paramedics … Continue reading »

Grand Opening for Opportunity Village

EUGENE, Ore. — The public was invited to see the inner workings of Opportunity Village as part of its grand opening on Saturday. There’s already 15 residents who were once homeless living there and three more on the way. “This is us putting our face forward to the Eugene community,” said Diane Ciacca, an Opportunity … Continue reading »

Opportunity Village Opens

EUGENE, Ore. — Opportunity Village became a reality; a plan just more than a year ago, it now has residents. Opportunity Village currently has 14 residents and they’re all excited to be a part of this growing project. So far, they’ve helped build micro houses and are hoping to transition into a more permanent situation … Continue reading »

Taking On Homelessness

EUGENE, Ore. — The topic of homelessness has been center of attention locally due to the SLEEPS movement. Many people have asked why SLEEPS members don’t consider options like Opportunity Village. Opportunity Village president Dan Bryant says there are more than 1,000 people wandering the streets in Eugene. With limited space, Opportunity Village can’t house … Continue reading »

Council Approves Homeless Housing

EUGENE, Ore. — The City of Eugene will move forward with plans to create a pilot program for Opportunity Village, a proposed living site for area homeless residents. City Council approved the project at Monday night’s council meeting, asking the City Manager to work with the city-owned site located on North Garfield. A non-profit organization … Continue reading »

Opportunity Eugene Discussions Continue

EUGENE, Ore. — Finding a permanent home for the homeless was the topic during public comment at the Eugene City Council meeting Tuesday. Councilors talked about the Opportunity Eugene plans. They heard testimony from homeless service providers like St. Vincent de Paul and ShelterCare. “People starving, or people not getting the proper medicare, that’s not … Continue reading »

Possible Sites for Opportunity Village

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene City Council is moving forward with where Opportunity Village Eugene could go if it approves the transitional camp for the homeless. City staff presented a widdled down list to five city-owned sites that are close to public transportation, at least an acre of land, and are available with possible existing … Continue reading »

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