Oregon Lawmakers Wrap Up Short Session

EUGENE, Ore. — State lawmakers are back home after a short session at the state capitol. The session wrapped up in 33 days, with some hot button issues left on the cutting room floor. But lawmakers were able to get the budget back in balance and make several accomplishments. Some of that will affect those … Continue reading »

Oregon Lawmakers Pass “Grand Bargain”

SALEM, Ore. — While the nation is in day four of a federal shutdown, Oregon lawmakers continue to celebrate the success of a three-day special session. The topic was a complex package of several pieces of legislation dubbed the “grand bargain.” It was back and forth the first two days of special session, but by … Continue reading »

Lawmakers Wrap Special Session

SALEM, Ore. — After three days in a special session, state lawmakers agreed to a so-called “grand bargain” on Wednesday. The deal includes changes to state employee pensions resulting in $400 million in savings. Lawmakers also gave additional funding for schools to the tune of $100 million. However, school districts will receive no extra money … Continue reading »

State Takes Up Pledge of Allegiance Bill

EUGENE, Ore. — State lawmakers held a hearing Monday on a bill that would require that Oregon students say the Pledge of Allegiance every day. Right now, that’s only mandated once a week. Students told KEZI 9 News going through the pledge every day would be too much. “I think every week which we do … Continue reading »

Oregon House Passes Tuition Bill

SALEM, Ore. — A bill that would allow young illegal immigrants to pay in-state college tuition is moving to the Oregon Senate. The House already passed it 38-18 on Friday. The measure would allow students to qualify for in-state tuition at Oregon’s public universities if they went to an Oregon high school for at least … Continue reading »