Gambling Bill Passes Through Senate

SALEM, Ore. — A bill to reinstate funding for gambling addiction advertisements passed through the Oregon Senate Wednesday. Bill 4028 is backed by Lane County Commissioners and Lane County Prevention on problem gambling awareness and education. The county says the state cut millions of dollars to the program last year, deciding they could only focus … Continue reading »

Locals React to Bike Helmet Bill

EUGENE, Ore. — A bill in the Oregon Senate would require more teens to wear a helmet when riding a bike. Currently, Oregon law requires anyone younger than 16 to wear a helmet. Senate Bill 742, if passed, would up the age to 18. Cycling enthusiasts say with as many bikers sharing the road with … Continue reading »

Senate Approves Bill Affecting Nurses

SALEM, Ore. — The Oregon Senate approved a measure Thursday that would allow nurse practitioners statewide to dispense medicine. Senate President Peter Courtney, who sponsored Senate Bill 8, says there are not enough doctors to treat everyone. Legislators say nurse practitioners in rural counties already are allowed to dispense medicine. Senate Bill 8 would grant … Continue reading »