Winter CSAs Offer Varied Crops

CRESWELL, Ore. — Winter in western Oregon. It’s not exactly the time people think of as being bountiful for local crops; but in the past few years, the number of farms producing in the colder months has grown. “I think people are usually amazed to see a greenhouse like this in February,” Erica Trappe, Sweetwater … Continue reading »

Truffle Festival Features Local Delicacy

EUGENE, Ore. — For days, the chefs at the Oregon Truffle Festival have been constantly sniffing hundreds of truffles. They do this to check the ripeness and the flavors of these truffles. Depending on how ripe the truffles are, they can have fruity aromas all the way to more cheesy and nutty accents. They’re preparing … Continue reading »

Sustainable Table: Red Wagon Creamery

EUGENE, Ore. — Blackberry black pepper cardamom, buttermilk brown sugar strawberry–they’re combinations you might not think about, especially for ice cream. But a local couple is mixing up some unique flavors, using local ingredients, for your sustainable table. “I’ve been a chef for 14 years and was tired of working for other people; I wanted … Continue reading »

Stanford Studies Value of Organic Food

EUGENE, Ore. — Organic–it’s a popular way to eat here in Oregon. With a different farmers market open every day, it’s an easy way to eat, too. But it can be a pricey way to pick out your produce, and a new study from Stanford University claims the habit isn’t that much healthier. “Just looking … Continue reading »

Study: People Who Eat Organic are More Judgmental

By Jennifer Richardson EUGENE, Ore. — Eating organic is supposed to make you healthier, but could it affect your mood? A new study says people who eat organic are more judgmental. Most people KEZI talked with found the study pretty funny. It was published in the┬áJournal of Social Psychological and Personality Science. It found people … Continue reading »