Lawmakers Take on Paid Sick Leave Bill

SALEM, Ore. — While many government workers had the day off, state lawmakers didn’t. On Monday, they took on a bill for paid sick time. Two bills would offer Oregonians paid sick time. The House bill would create a statewide standard, allowing workers to gain an hour of sick time for every 30 hours worked. … Continue reading »

Study: Sick Leave Ordinance Impacts

EUGENE, Ore.– Eugene City Councilors will vote on the controversial Paid Sick Leave Ordinance Monday. The issue has divided the community because of differing opinions about how it will change businesses in Eugene. Some employers fear the ordinance will cost them more money because workers will take advantage of the system. Others speculate it will … Continue reading »

Community Debates Sick Leave Ordinance

EUGENE, Ore — As the Eugene City Council debates the issue of a paid sick leave ordinance, a divided community voices its opinions. The council held a public hearing Monday night on an ordinance that would require employers to provide sick leave to their workers. 67 people signed up to testify at the public hearing … Continue reading »