How to Avoid Parenting Burnout

(CNN) — Juggling work and family responsibilities can leave some parents feeling stressed out and exhausted. Here are some tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics and other experts on how to avoid parenting burnout. When you’re at work, try to fit in a few relaxation breaks–times when you ramp down the stress. Deep breathing … Continue reading »

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Your child may be old enough to start kindergarten, but is he or she ready? It’s an important decision for parents, because kindergarten marks the start of a child’s formal education and their first school experiences can affect the rest of their lives. Most schools use cutoff dates. A child must be … Continue reading »

Anchor Mom: Are you a dog mother?

Am I a dog lover? YES! Am I a dog mother? YES! Sounds crazy, but I know all you pet parents will agree — caring for your dog or cat prepares you for parenthood. Pets have always been a part of my life. I’ve had several goldfish, a bunny named Freddy and three dogs. The … Continue reading »

Happy Mother’s Day

                      My cup runneth over.  My heart is filled with joy.  This is the best Mother’s Day ever thanks to my son’s amazing Pre-K teacher, a mother herself. She knows how a homemade card can brighten a mother’s day.  On Friday I was invited to … Continue reading »

Study Says Don’t Yell at Teens

(CNN) — It’s important to keep your cool when you’re disciplining your teen, according to new research. “This study showed when parents frequently yell at or humiliate their kids it’s harmful to them,” said clinical psychologist Mark Crawford. Researchers found that when parents disciplined their teenagers by yelling, swearing at, or humiliating them, two or … Continue reading »

Birth to Three Changes to Parenting Now!

EUGENE, Ore. — After 34 years of serving the community, a popular parenting education and support non-profit officially changed its name. Birth to Three is a name that resonates nostalgia to 93,000 Lane County parents and children. Although the name itself has changed, long-time staff members say it’s the only thing that has changed. A … Continue reading »