McDonald’s Recalls Happy Meal Toy

(CNN) — McDonald’s is recalling a potentially dangerous Happy Meal toy. The Hello Kitty-themed toy was given out in the US and Canada in the last few weeks. Now McDonald’s has gotten two reports of children coughing up pieces of the attached whistle. The chain has recovered more than half of the nearly 2.5 million … Continue reading »

First Day of School Advice

EUGENE, Ore. – Wednesday was the first day of school for many students in the 4J School District. At the transportation services for 4J School District, bus drivers were getting ready for pickups. Parents got their children ready for school and had some personalized encouraging words to chase away those first day jitters. “Parker, just … Continue reading »

Bill May Change Vaccination Requirements

EUGENE, Ore. — Parents in Oregon may soon have a harder time opting out of vaccines for their kids. A bill that only requires the governor’s approval would require parents to get a signed note from a doctor before opting out of vaccines for their kids. Lane County Public Health was a driving force behind … Continue reading »

Study Explains Eating Pressures

(CNN) — While growing up, many of us may have heard the phrases, “Clean Your Plate” or “No, you can’t have candy.” But how exactly do these parental attitudes towards food affect a child’s weight? A new study out of the University of Minnesota has found a lot of parents deny their children certain foods … Continue reading »