Water-Permeable Parking Lot

EUGENE, Ore. — The Oregon State University Extension Office in Eugene did a little green renovation Wednesday. The office moved one step closer to having a water-permeable parking lot. The project has been in the works for six months and the idea is for the new parking lot to allow water to soak in instead … Continue reading »

Duo Steals Golf Cart From Apartment

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Two Oregon State University students stole a golf cart from an apartment complex to get to class faster, according to police. Corvallis Police say on Monday, two male students parked a car at Seventh Street Station, an apartment complex not too far from the University. Instead of walking to campus, police say they … Continue reading »

Handicap Parking Abuse Solutions

FOLSOM, Calif. — Handicapped vehicle permits allow disabled drivers and passengers better access to parking areas. But some able-bodied people abuse the system by taking advantage of a handicapped permit they shouldn’t be using. Handicap parking has been a real help for people like Milisa Houston who has cerabral palsy. “It limits my mobility, and … Continue reading »

New Parking System at OSU

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Parking permits are now for sale at Oregon State University, but the setup this year is different: the campus is turning to a zonal parking system. On Tuesday, a group of staff and faculty could purchase their new permits – only if they have had an OSU parking permit for the past … Continue reading »

Corvallis Parking District Plan Passes

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Parking around Oregon State University’s campus has been a controversial topic for years: neighbors have been speaking out, saying students, staff, and faculty are taking up their on-street parking. But on Monday night, the Corvallis City Council passed a new parking district plan that will restrict more drivers from parking around campus … Continue reading »

OSU Releases Final Parking Plans

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Drivers can say goodbye to student and staff parking permits at Oregon State University come fall term. After taking public input for the past few months, the university has released its final plan for a new parking system. It includes three different priced parking zones. Outer (C) zones will cost $95; B … Continue reading »

City to Remove Credit Parking Meters

EUGENE, Ore. — You may want to carry extra change on you next time you visit downtown Eugene. The city is pulling the plug on credit card parking meters. Last summer, the city of Eugene had the opportunity to field test the credit card meters before buying them. It installed about 75 if them in … Continue reading »

OSU Presents Parking Plan to Council

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Parking on campus is an ongoing issue, but the question remains: how to make it better? Oregon State University presented its new zonal parking plan to the Corvallis City Council Monday evening. The proposal, which would take effect Sept. 15, would get rid of student and staff parking permits and replace them … Continue reading »

OSU Proposes Parking Plan

CORVALLIS, Ore. — The parking plan could be changing at Oregon State University, to make it a little easier to find a parking spot. OSU is proposing a new zone parking system to the Corvallis City Council Monday night. The zone parking system would mean no more student or staff parking lots. Instead commuters would … Continue reading »

OSU Parking Changes Up for Discussion

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Parking around the Oregon State University campus can be a challenge. That’s why the school is asking for your input on changes to parking zones next year. OSU says thousands of its parking spots aren’t used every day, usually the spaces on the outskirts of campus. The university is proposing a zone … Continue reading »

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