Local Animal Group Celebrates Milestone

EUGENE, Ore. — The Willamette Animal Guild’s celebrating a milestone Friday–its 25,000th spay and neuter. Each day the nonprofit group performs nearly 30 spays and neuters on dogs and cats. The president of the organization says although the group is working hard to cut down on pet overpopulation, Lane County has a very serious feral … Continue reading »

ODFW Warns of Illegal Turtles

SALEM, Ore. — State wildlife workers are sending out a warning about the dangers of illegal turtles. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildfire says those turtles, most of which came to the state as pets, are actually causing problems in local lakes and rivers. Experts say because turtles can live so long, up to … Continue reading »

Oregon Ranks High for Pet Ownership

Do you own a pet? Statistics say if you live in Oregon, you probably do. A new study on U.S. pet ownership ranks Oregon No. 4. About 64 percent of households in the state own a pet. That’s actually down by nearly 10 percent since the last study in 2006. Some others are Vermont, New … Continue reading »

Parents Dote on their Pets this Holiday

EUGENE, Ore. — Pets can occasionally be naughty, but a new survey says they will likely still end up on the “nice” list when it comes to getting them gifts. The American Pet Products Association says 53 percent of dogs and 38 percent of cats get presents for Christmas. On top of that, holiday shopping … Continue reading »

How to Protect Your Pets this Winter

EUGENE, Ore. — It is easy to remember to protect ourselves from the elements, but what about our pets? Dr. Jerry Boggs DVM of the Bush Animal Hospital says coats and boots for animals can help keep man’s best friend safe this winter. “The raincoats, as silly as they might look, for dogs, i think, … Continue reading »

UO Students Pal Around with Pups

EUGENE, Ore. — Jumping into pet ownership isn’t something to take lightly, but on Thursday University of Oregon students and staff got a chance to test the waters a little. If you missed out on your chance to pal around with the pups, don’t worry. The Rent-a-Pooch fundraiser is held twice a year.

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