California Plastic Bag Ban Delayed

(CNN) — Looks like “paper or plastic” will still be an option in California for a while longer. The state passed a law that prohibits stores from giving single-use plastic bags for free to consumers. It was set to go into effect in July, until Tuesday. The secretary of state announced opponents of the law … Continue reading »

Bag Ban Initiative Petition Fails

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Corvallis residents trying to get rid of the city’s plastic bag ban will have to deal with it a bit longer. The Benton County Elections Office says a recent petition to get rid of the ban failed. A petitioner submitted signatures to the city earlier this month, hoping to send the matter … Continue reading »

Residents Submit Bag Ban Petition

CORVALLIS, Ore. — The Corvallis plastic bag ban has a chance to be repealed if the issue goes to voters. The ban went into effect in January of last year. On Friday, a petitioner submitted signatures to the city, hoping to put the matter to the March ballot. More than 2,500 Corvallis voter signatures are … Continue reading »

Ashland Bans Plastic Bags

ASHLAND, Ore. — Ashland City Council says businesses will have six months to get rid of all remaining stock of single-use plastic bags and switch to either paper bags or offer reusable options. The ordinance passed Tuesday night on a 5-1 vote that will ban all plastic bags from being distributed, and all paper bags … Continue reading »

Ashland Prepares for Plastic Bag Ban

ASHLAND, Ore. –  The Ashland City Council expects a plastic bag ban to become a reality in a matter of months. Tuesday night, the council held the first reading on the issue. The second reading will happen at the next council meeting, and it’s expected to pass after that and become law. This ban would impact all stores and businesses in … Continue reading »

Eugene Keeps Five-Cent Bag Fee

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene residents will continue to pay five cents for every paper bag in Eugene, after the council voted down an ordinance to suspend the fee. The Eugene City Council was looking at suspending the fee until December while it looked at the plastic bag ban, but that suspension was denied. A couple … Continue reading »

City Council to Revisit Paper Bag Fee

EUGENE, Ore. — Residents continue to talk about the plastic bag ban, which went into effect May 1. The most recent topic for discussion: whether the 5-cent fee on paper bags was a good idea. “We used to get bags, paper or plastic regardless of the ban or not so they should keep to what we … Continue reading »

WIC Participants Exempt from Bag Fee

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene’s plastic bag ban went into effect last week, but there is a group that is exempt from paying the 5-cent fee for paper bags. The city staffers who helped write the ordinance say participants in the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program can get paper and reusable bags for free. However, … Continue reading »

Mixed Reactions to Plastic Bag Ban

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Shoppers in Corvallis had mixed reactions when the plastic bag ban first went into effect at the beginning of the year. Two and a half months later, those feelings remain. The ban was approved in January to decrease unnecessary waste. It applies to businesses with more than 50 employees, like grocery stores and larger … Continue reading »

New Oregon Laws in 2013

SALEM, Ore. — The year 2013 kicks off a new year for all of us and also lays down some new laws. Some of those bring new perks, while others carry restrictions. These laws should come as no surprise; lawmakers gave approval earlier this year. Tuesday is the first day many will be enforced. Starting … Continue reading »

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