Eugene City Council Makes Homeless Plan

EUGENE, Ore. — The conversation has been going on for years–what can be done for Eugene’s homeless, particularly those who camp in local parks? The city council took big steps toward a solution Wednesday. Councilor Alan Zelenka proposed a motion that would create a 120-day pilot program. It would allow dusk to dawn camping at … Continue reading »

County Releases Homeless Numbers

EUGENE, Ore. — Fewer people are living on Lane County’s streets, but demand for homeless services is still great. Organizers of February’s one-night homeless count revealed their tally Tuesday. The homeless population decreased by about 400 people from 2011 to 2012, but shelters say they’re still slammed with requests. “The economy is definitely affecting people. … Continue reading »

Douglas County Population Drops

ROSEBURG, Ore. — Douglas County’s population is diminishing, according to 2012 Oregon Census Bureau numbers. But city leaders in Roseburg say those numbers don’t tell the whole story. County administrators say the Oregon census bureau isn’t where they get their numbers from and that the drop in population isn’t a true representation of the county. … Continue reading »