Long Lines for Powerball Tickets

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Throughout the day there wasn’t a moment inside the Dari-Mart off Harlow that someone wasn’t buying a Powerball ticket. From the moment local mini marts opened their doors Wednesday morning, people trickled in and out to buy their ticket. More than $30 was spent on Powerball at times. In fact, most people … Continue reading »

Playing the Powerball Numbers

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Do you have your Powerball tickets yet? The estimated jackpot just got bigger, now up to $500 million. KEZI 9 News Anchor Sean Cuellar looks at the odds of winning. Are your numbers on the list?

Powerball Offers $425 Million Jackpot

EUGENE, Ore. — What would you do with $425 million? It’s a question that someone will likely have to answer come Wednesday night. The chances of winning the biggest Powerball ever are one in $175 million. But those odds haven’t stopped customers from making their way in to Bailey’s Cafe on Coburg Road and other … Continue reading »

Powerball Jackpot Up to $425 Million

WASHINGTON D.C.–If you need some extra holiday cash, playing this week’s Powerball lottery could be just the ticket! After no winners matched all the numbers on Saturday’s drawing, a record $425 million estimated jackpot is up for grabs on Wednesday. The jackpot rolled over for a fifteenth straight time when no one matched the six … Continue reading »