Eugene Mom Gives Birth on Bathroom Floor

EUGENE, Ore. — New parents often spend countless hours designing their perfect birth plan. With the bags packed and instructions in place, mom and dad are ready. But sometimes, the baby decides they’re not on board with the plan. Little Skadi didn’t give her parents much warning before entering the world. Her mom woke up … Continue reading »

Yahoo! Extends Maternity Leave Benefits

(CNN) — Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer is extending paid-leave benefits for new parents. New moms at Yahoo! can take as many as 16 weeks paid leave under the new policy. Dads are eligible for eight weeks of paid leave. New parents will also receive $500 to help with baby-related costs. Mayer was pregnant when she … Continue reading »

Group Prevents Smoking During Pregnancy

EUGENE, Ore. — A local health care group is pushing to get women to stop smoking during pregnancy. Trillium Community Health Plan invested $180,000 to start a prevention initiative to cut down on the number of pregnant women smoking during pregnancy, and they’re offering monetary incentives to women who quit. To do this, the health … Continue reading »