Students React to Presidential Faceoff

EUGENE, Ore. — KEZI called on the University of Oregon Debate Team to offer insight into Monday night’s final presidential debate. The majority of the team thought President Obama came off stronger in this final debate. One student added he felt that Mitt Romney failed to draw a distinction between his foreign policy ideas and … Continue reading »

UO Students to Analyze Debate

EUGENE, Ore. — The University of Oregon Debate Team has been closely watching all of the debates and will be watching this last one with KEZI Monday night. A coach for the UO Debate Team says for this last debate, preparation is of utmost importance due to the complexity of the foreign policy issues. Thomas … Continue reading »

Local Republicans Watch Debate Together

EUGENE, Ore —  A group of about fifty local Republicans gathered at the Lane County Republicans Headquarters in Eugene, and they were both tuned-in and talkative. Spectators kicked off the evening by logging on to a live video chat with Senator Rick Santorum, who took questions from groups all over the country joining in on … Continue reading »

Live Stream: Presidential Debate

HEMPSTEAD, NY. — Tuesday night’s presidential debate begins at 6 p.m. Pacific Time. Click on the video above to watch the live stream of the debate from Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. It will be town hall format.

Political Groups Hosting Watch Parties

EUGENE, Ore. — Unlike the last presidential debate, this time both parties will have a local watch party. The Republicans didn’t have a watch party last week because they said they preferred to watch the debate at home. But this time a small group will watch Tuesday night’s debate at the Lane County Republican Headquarters … Continue reading »

Last Day to Register to Vote

EUGENE, Ore. — Tuesday is the deadline for voter registration. As of Monday morning, about 209,000 people had registered to vote in Lane County. That is about 1,500 fewer than in 2008, but the Board of Elections Office is still processing voter registrations. You can  register online by 11:59 p.m. or have your registration postmarked October … Continue reading »

Social Media’s Impact on Debate

EUGENE, Ore. — Eleven-point-one million tweets–that’s how many 140-character messages were posted on Twitter during Wednesday night’s presidential debate, making it the most tweeted events in political history. Popular topics tweeted included Romney’s comment about cutting PBS funding, also reviews of both candidates, as well as opinions on mediator Jim Lehrer’s performance. The tweet tally … Continue reading »

Polls Show Romney Outperformed Obama

DENVER, Co (CNN)– The early verdicts from Wednesday night’s Presidential debate are rolling in, in favor of Governor Mitt Romney. The Republican Presidential challenger came out strong in the first showdown between the candidates. A CNN/ORC snap poll shows 67% of a sampling of voters who watched the debate said Romney won versus President Obama’s … Continue reading »