Local Radio Host Gets National Award

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — A big award for a small radio station host in Cottage Grove, receiving recognition from the Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Cameron Reiten, who is legally blind, owns KNND AM radio and also hosts shows on the country radio station. Reiten recently flew out to Akron, Ohio to receive the honors and … Continue reading »

Sports Radio Hosts Off Guard by Kelly

EUGENE, Ore. — Radio hosts devoted to covering the Ducks were a little caught off guard by the announcement of UO Head Football Coach Chip Kelly leaving the school. At 95.3 The Score, fans have been calling the station all day in utter shock. The people there make a living watching UO’s every move and … Continue reading »

95.3 The Score Switches to CBS Sports

EUGENE, Ore. — Nearly a week ago, Cumulus Media dropped ESPN programming and replaced it with CBS Sports Radio. The change affected 67 stations nationwide, including 95.3 The Score. Some fans aren’t happy about it. They flooded Cumulus with calls and e-mails complaining the new programming is sloppy and disappointing. But the station’s host says … Continue reading »

NextStep is Taking Unneeded Electronics

EUGENE, Ore. — Have you considered reducing, reusing and recycling your electronics? A group called NextStep Recycling wants people to donate their used and unneeded gadgets rather than stashing them away. It takes everything that runs on batteries or plugs, including TVs, radios, stereos and VHS/DVD players. NextStep says what you may consider trash another … Continue reading »

Radio Station Playing Christmas Music

EUGENE, Ore. — If you need help getting into the Christmas spirit, a local radio station is here to help. As of 12:01 Monday morning, KOOL 99.1 FM switched over to continuous Christmas music. The station’s program director says listeners started requesting the holiday music right after Halloween. “When we do Christmas music people are … Continue reading »