Public Works Crews Prepare for Rain

EUGENE, Ore. — Brace yourselves on this first official day of fall for some heavy rain. The rain will last into Wednesday morning’s commute. It’s the biggest storm since March. Crews got an early start Tuesday to make sure it doesn’t catch us off guard. They were out at 6 a.m. checking in on the … Continue reading »

Cities Prepare for Big Rain Storm

EUGENE, Ore. — With heavy rain expected this weekend, both the city of Eugene and Springfield say they’re on standby to respond to any flooding that may occur. Eugene Public Works says when leaves get into sewer drains, then the chance of flooding greatly increases. It says it’s early in the season for such a … Continue reading »

ODOT Prepares for Storm

EUGENE, Ore. — The Oregon Department of Transportation is getting ready for the rain. Last week, crews unclogged a bunch of storm drains to get ready for the rainy season. But before the storm starts, they’ll play a bit of a waiting game, since they can’t pinpoint exactly what areas may flood. ODOT says crews … Continue reading »

September Storm Does Little Damage

EUGENE, Ore. — From lightning strikes on the ground to high water pooling up on our roads, the storms are now calm and the clean-up is under way. Northern Oregon got the brunt of the storm system, but the city of Eugene says there wasn’t much damage to report there. In September, Oregonians aren’t necessarily … Continue reading »

Crews Prep for Heavy Rain

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — It’s the first big storm of the season. The day started out with strong winds, but now it’s all about heavy rain in the Willamette Valley. That is what was on the minds of public works crews Monday as they were doing their usual maintenance. Springfield crews made sure debris was cleared … Continue reading »