Younger Workers Wanted for Construction

EUGENE, Ore. — Now that the construction industry is starting to bounce back, companies are looking for younger people to get in the business before baby boomers retire. Oregon’s construction industry has lost a third of its jobs and local construction leaders we spoke with say they’re not seeing the numbers they used to from … Continue reading »

RV Show Claims Industry Boost

EUGENE, Ore. — The recession hit the RV industry hard, but in the past year reports show things are looking up. Those feelings are being echoed at the annual RV show. Not only is attendance up about 30 percent this year, showing a boost in buyers, but show representatives say customer morale is up, too. … Continue reading »

Nurseries Seeing Slight Comeback

EUGENE, Ore. — The Oregon Department of Agriculture says its finally seeing a pattern of recovery among its leading industry–nurseries. The sector has seen a nearly 50-percent cut to its revenue since 2005, but the future is looking brighter lately. Since the recession began, taking a negative toll on the housing market, landscaping has been … Continue reading »