Wyden Hosts Retirement Savings Forum

EUGENE, Ore. — Senator Ron Wyden and State Treasurer Ted Wheeler hosted a roundtable talk Friday morning in Eugene to talk about the importance of saving for retirement. About 20 people showed up for the discussion at Lane Community College’s Downtown Center. Wyden and Wheeler talked about how savings incentives are not getting to the … Continue reading »

Ducks in Texas Day 3: Aliotti Era Ending

SAN ANTONIO–On day three of the Ducks trip to Texas for the Alamo Bowl, longtime Oregon assistant and defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti announced that he will retire after the Ducks face the Longhorns. Jake Zivin and Erik Elken anchor KEZI 9 Sports’ coverage and have more on Aliotti, Ifo-Ekpre Olomu’s NFL decision, and the Ducks … Continue reading »

Many Americans Don’t Plan to Retire

WASHINGTON — (CNN) A new study shows that nearly one in eight workers expect they will never be able to afford to retire completely. The new report, done by HSBC, looked at 16,000 people in 15 countries and studied their finances – most importantly their saving for retirement. It paints a gloomy picture, showing that retirement … Continue reading »

Retirement Center Breaks Ground

EUGENE, Ore. — There’s a new retirement center being built on the city’s northern edge. Right now construction crews are building the foundations for a 119-unit, 120,000-square-foot retirement center. The site is on the east side of Coburg Road, just north of Crescent Avenue. Owned by Spectrum Retirement Communities, based in Denver, the new building … Continue reading »

Top States for Your Golden Years

(CNN) — What’s the best state for retirement living? Bet you didn’t think of Tennessee or Louisiana. But it turns out those two topped Bankrate’s latest report on the 10 most retiree-friendly states in the country. And here’s a surprise–the snowbird capital, Florida, didn’t even crack the top five. The survey, which took factors like … Continue reading »

PERS Cuts Clear Legislation

SALEM, Ore. — The future of the public employees’ retirement funds sits on Governor John Kitzhaber’s desk. That’s because it’s passed through both the House and the Senate. The bill reduces the cost of living increases or COLA for retirees earning more than $20,000 a year. The bill would also lower employer contribution rates for … Continue reading »

AARP Preps Women on Retirement

EUGENE, Ore. — As women live longer these days, there’s more years of retirement and health care to pay for. The AARP held a conference Saturday to prepare women for their long term future. There are more than 500,000 women in Oregon from the baby boomer generation. Hundreds of them showed up to the Valley … Continue reading »

More Americans Delay Retirement Til 80s

(CNN) — A new survey finds a growing number of middle-class Americans plan to postpone their golden years until they are in their 80s. Wells Fargo surveyed a thousand adults with income of less than a $100,000. The survey found 30 percent of them plan to work until they are 80 or older. That’s up … Continue reading »

Assisted Living Facility Fight Continues

EUGENE, Ore. — A three-year battle to build an assisted living facility on Goodpasture Island Road has hit another bump in the road. As part of the permit to build the facility, the city says the developer would have to add on to the overpass over Delta Highway. The developer and its opposition debated the … Continue reading »