4J Seeks Appraisal Following Y Bid

EUGENE, Ore. — The 4J School District calls for an appraisal following a bid from the YMCA to buy a piece of the school district’s property. The YMCA’s looking to lock in a new home at the location where the Roosevelt Middle School sits. The district will soon replace the aging building next next to … Continue reading »

4J Sets Land Aside for New YMCA

EUGENE, Ore. — While we don’t know the exact details of what¬†a new Roosevelt Middle School may look like, it may be sitting right next to a new YMCA. The 4J School Board approved a motion Wednesday night to set aside up to seven acres for Eugene Family YMCA to¬†eventually buy. Design plans of what … Continue reading »

The Future of Roosevelt Middle School

EUGENE, Ore. — You can weigh in on the future of Roosevelt Middle School Tuesday night and the possibility of building a new YMCA on part of the site. The old Roosevelt Middle School was built in 1950 and needs to be replaced. Grounding breaking on a new facility could start as early as next … Continue reading »

YMCA Eyes New 4J Property

EUGENE, Ore. — The 4J School Board initiated a process that could lead to a new YMCA on school property. The YMCA is looking to rebuild and is hoping to secure the land where the Roosevelt Middle School currently sits. The district’s currently planning to rebuild the school. The school board started a discussion Wednesday … Continue reading »

YMCA and 4J Considers Future Together

EUGENE, Ore. — After losing the bid for Civic Stadium, the Eugene YMCA is entering official talks with the 4J school board Wednesday about another property. Both the YMCA and 4J have been talking about possibly allowing the YMCA to build a new facility where Roosevelt Middle School is now. The YMCA says its current … Continue reading »

On the Move? YMCA Considers 4J Property

EUGENE, Ore. — No Civic Stadium, no problem. The Eugene Family YMCA is moving forward on another 4J property as it continues its search for a new home. The YMCA is working to acquire the land where the Roosevelt Middle School currently sits. The 4J School District will eventually replace the school and could move … Continue reading »

Interview: Mystery Safe to be Auctioned

EUGENE, Ore. — An old safe has quite the story to tell. The roughly 2 ft. by 2 ft. cast iron safe is more than 200 years old. It was discovered in a Bend farm house inside the walls, but it’s a mystery what’s inside. Peter Pomponi and his daughter who attends Roosevelt Middle School … Continue reading »

4J Plans to Renovate or Rebuild

EUGENE, Ore. — A number of 4J schools could be getting a facelift. The Eugene School Board will make a decision in a month which schools will get remodeled or replaced, but first it wants to hear the public’s opinion on plans. The Eugene School District’s long range facility plan focuses on remodeling or rebuilding … Continue reading »

Public Response Wanted on 4J Upgrades

EUGENE, Ore. — The 4J School District is asking for public comment on its long-range plans to upgrade and replace aging schools Wednesday night. Superintendent Shelley Berman recommended improving school security and classroom technology and replacing or renovating three or four of the district’s schools, including Roosevelt Middle School and Howard Elementary School. Voters would … Continue reading »

4J to Discuss School Replacement Options

EUGENE, Ore. — The path to a new middle school to replace one of 4J’s outdated ones could lead right through historic Civic Stadium. The ballpark is one of two locations for a possible rebuild. But 4J administrators say Wednesday night will be one of the first real discussions they’ve had on the topic so … Continue reading »