Drivers Reminded to Obey School Zones

EUGENE, Ore. — School is back in session for many students this week. The Bethel and Roseburg districts start on Tuesday, Springfield starts on Wednesday, and the 4J School District starts next week. Now, the Eugene Police Traffic Enforcement Unit is reminding all drivers to pay attention to school zone speed limits. School zone crosswalks … Continue reading »

Students Say Goodbye to Rose Elementary

ROSEBURG, Ore. — The school year is winding down, and for some saying hello to summer will be a little bit tougher than normal this time around. Back in May voters rejected a levy that would have kept Rose Elementary School operating. When the Special Election levy didn’t pass last month, everyone there knew what … Continue reading »

Rose Elementary to Close in the Fall

ROSEBURG, Ore. — An elementary school in Roseburg will shut its doors in the fall. Rose Elementary parents, teachers, and administrators say they’re disappointed that the bond measure did not pass. For the school board and even the district superintendent, the failure of the bond levy came as a bit of a surprise. “We’re obviously … Continue reading »

Measure 10-129: Roseburg School Bond

ROSEBURG, Ore. – Voters in Douglas County are looking at a measure that would help campuses in the Roseburg School District. If Measure 10-129 passes it would help pay for computers, textbooks and classroom materials. The money would also fix major maintenance hazards, including several renovations, safety improvements and roof replacements.

Parents React to School Closure

ROSEBURG, Ore. — Roseburg parents are strengthening their campaign to keep all their schools open. The news came down Thursday night the school board will close Rose Elementary. In just over a month, they find out whether or not their school will be closed for good come June. But parents say there’s still hope for … Continue reading »

Rose Elementary to Close With Exception

ROSEBURG, Ore. — A tough decision for the Roseburg School District leads to a lengthy meeting Thursday night. Going into the meeting, the district was looking at either closing Melrose or Rose elementary in order to ease its financial woes. Two and a half hours later, a vote was made to close Rose Elementary. But … Continue reading »

Elementary School to Close Down

ROSEBURG, Ore. — The year 2013 will be the last year for one elementary school in Roseburg. The Roseburg School Board made the decision to close one Wednesday night. The Roseburg Public Schools’ Superintendent Larry Parsons said this was something they’ve been trying to avoid for years. But it was clear at Wednesday night’s meeting … Continue reading »

Roseburg School District to Close School

ROSEBURG, Ore – The Roseburg School District Superintendent says the school board has decided to close one of the elementary schools. It did not name the school to be closed. That will come at a later meeting. Part of the reasoning is linked to financial restrictions. We will have much more on this decision, as … Continue reading »