City Prepares for Eugene Marathon Safety

EUGENE, Ore. — When the starter pistol goes off, the last thing any marathon runner or spectator is thinking about is a bomb. But with everything that happened in Boston, local enforcement isn’t taking any chances. ‘In light of that, we decided that we’re going to take some proactive measures to make sure that nothing … Continue reading »

Nonprofit Helps Dispose Needles

EUGENE, Ore. — A local nonprofit is stepping up to help a family that reached out to KEZI 9 News. The Burchell family talked Wednesday about how they keep finding used drug needles around their neighborhood. The HIV Alliance wanted to reach out to them and anyone else who may have found a used needle … Continue reading »

Girls Learn Self-Defense

EUGENE, Ore. — A program is helping little girls protect themselves. Flower Power Self-Defense for Girls is a program targeted at young girls ages 5 to 12. The executive director says one in four girls will be assaulted by someone they know by the age of 18. She believes teaching them while they’re young can … Continue reading »

Neighbors Find Needles in Yard

EUGENE, Ore. — As Lane County struggles with its budget crisis, some Eugene neighbors say they’re struggling to keep drugs off their streets–by themselves. Those neighbors told KEZI 9 News they called the sheriff’s office, but they got little to no help. On Tuesday afternoon, neighbors say they found a needle lying in the grass … Continue reading »

Police Hosting Bethel Safety Meeting

EUGENE, Ore. — Residents in the Bethel area are invited to a community meeting Wednesday to discuss neighborhood safety issues. The Eugene Police Department says there’s been an increase in property crimes and suspicious behavior in the Bethel School District area. As a result, it’s working to teach residents ways they can stay safe by … Continue reading »

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