Truck Driver Investigated for DUII

CEDAR FLAT, Ore. — After a semi-truck crashed on Highway 126 Tuesday afternoon, we’re now learning the driver is under investigation for DUII. Oregon State Police says 45-year-old Ray Lewis’ blood alcohol content level (BAC) was a 0.29, nearly four times the legal limit. OSP says he denied drinking, saying he hadn’t had alcohol in … Continue reading »

Water Released to Protect Salmon

KLAMATH BASIN, Ore. — The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation is increasing water flows in the Klamath River to fight a parasite attacking salmon. Officials say the increases from Iron Gate Dam near Hornbrook, California started Saturday and will run 10 days. They say this will prevent water from being released from Upper Klamath Lake, which … Continue reading »

NOAA Says Pot Growers Threaten Salmon

OREGON — Federal biologists say the marijuana industry is harming salmon. NOAA says pot growers in California and Oregon illegally suck water from creeks where Coho salmon live and it’s a key threat to the species. Biologists say the growers are also spreading fertilizer and pesticides in the salmon streams. NOAA says it’s issuing a … Continue reading »

Man Cited for Illegally Catching Fish

PORTLAND, Ore. — Oregon State Police Fish & Wildlife troopers cited an Astoria man on several commercial fish-related charges after seizing illegally caught fish. OSP seized 748 pounds of illegally caught Chinook salmon and a 1,200 foot gillnet used to catch the fish. Around 10:30 p.m. Friday, the troopers checked a boat belonging to Duffy … Continue reading »

Young Salmon Taxied Downstream

Near BLUE RIVER, Ore. — Young salmon on the McKenzie River are getting a free ride downstream that could help more of them survive. Their taxi? A $5 million portable floating fish collector. This is the first of its kind in the Willamette Basin. It pulls water in with juvenile spring Chinook salmon in it, … Continue reading »

Water Levels Lowered for Salmon

FALL CREEK, Ore. — Young salmon in the Fall Creek Reservoir are migrating out of the area this time of year, but they need a little help getting started. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is giving juvenile salmon a higher chance to live by lowering the water levels at the Fall Creek Reservoir and … Continue reading »

Salmon Make a Comeback

EUGENE, Ore. — Wild Chinook Salmon are on the rebound. For the first time since being listed on the endangered species list, numbers are up at the Fall Creek Reservoir. Greg Taylor, a biologist with the US Army Corps of Engineers, oversees the fisheries trap and haul program at Fall Creek Reservoir. “The salmon are … Continue reading »

Record Low Water Levels at Reservoir

LOWELL, Ore. — Winter time is when reservoir levels are dropped to accommodate spring runoff. But at Fall Creek Reservoir, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is trying something new. Fall Creek Reservoir is one of 13 dams the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regulates in the Willamette Valley. Greg Taylor, a USACE fisheries biologist, … Continue reading »

Sockeye Salmon Spawning in Metolius

DESCHUTES COUNTY, Ore. — Oregon Fish and Game workers are celebrating what they call a huge milestone in a project to reintroduce sockeye into the Metolius River. For the first time in 45 years a fish biologist observed a sockeye spawning in the river. Biologists say the spawning migration is just beginning.

Hatchery Giving Unique Insight

COUGAR DAM, Ore. — A recently completed fish hatchery at Cougar Dam is giving scientists a better understanding of wild salmon and how they move through local waterways. The project should also help scientists better understand how the juvenile salmon gets past the dam and out to sea. KEZI 9 News photojournalist Kathleen Spencer has … Continue reading »

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