Interview: How to Avoid Scams

EUGENE, Ore. — Scammers are using all sorts of tactics to try to get your money and personal information. Debbie Janecek with the Eugene Police Department has some tips on how you can avoid scams.

Online Dating Scam Alert

EUGENE, Ore.– Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air, but the holiday is a prime time for scammers to prey on unsuspecting romantics. The Better Business Bureau is warning about an online scam called “The Love Method.” Cyber criminals find their victims on popular online dating websites, targeting mostly … Continue reading »

Man Faces Theft Charges for Scam

EUGENE, Ore. — One man is facing theft charges after posting a rental scam online. Eugene police say they started the investigation last week when two people tried to rent a property listed online. Richard Prozinski told them to meet him at a business location, and they gave him cash for an initial payment. After … Continue reading »

Work-from-Home Scam Targets Students

EUGENE, Ore. — A work-from-home scam is targeting college students. The FBI say it starts with an e-mail to the student’s school account, recruiting them for positions with fake companies. All they have to do is provide a bank account number to receive a deposit, and then transfer a portion of the money to another … Continue reading »

Scam Targets UO Employees

EUGENE, Ore. — Police are issuing a scam alert for employees of local universities. The FBI says scammers are sending emails to university employees about a change in their human resources status. It asks the employees to enter log-in in information, giving scammers access to direct deposit information and the employee’s paycheck. The FBI warns … Continue reading »

Local Woman Warns of Phone Scam

MEDFORD, Ore. – A local woman is exasperated after receiving dozens of phone calls that she suspects are a scam. “I’m sick of getting these calls. Yesterday I had 12 in the course of the day.” Bonnie Hamlett feels helpless after she starting getting calls to her cell phone a few weeks ago. “They’ll always … Continue reading »

EPD Warns About Growing Number of Scams

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene Police sent out an alert Wednesday about a growing problem, scams. Slick criminals have been duping people out of money over the phone or online. These scams range from automated voices claiming to be from the IRS, to a person asking for donations for a good cause. Law enforcement is asking … Continue reading »

IRS Scam Warning

EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene man is warning others after he took a call from an IRS scam artist. Alex Aanderud says he got a call Wednesday from someone claiming to be from the Department of Legal Affairs with the Internal Revenue Service. He says they claimed they were going to take legal action against … Continue reading »

Renters Warned About Real Estate Scam

EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene man is warning others about a rental scam. Art Tegger says he found an unbelievable deal on a rental in West Eugene. But, when he stopped by to see the home, he found out it was on the market for sale, not rent. He’s urging others to be very careful … Continue reading »

Oregon Lottery Warns of Scam

SALEM, Ore. — A new scam is circling Oregon centers around what many only dream of–winning the lottery. Someone is calling people, claiming to be a Mega Millions representative. The caller tells the person to go to a local 7-Eleven and buy a $299 Green Dot MoneyPak card in order to release their Mega Millions … Continue reading »

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