Counterfeit Bills On Rise

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Police say counterfeit dollars are circulating along the Interstate 5 corridor, and they are telling folks to be careful. The Corvallis Police Department says it has received four reports within the last five days regarding fake 20 and 50 dollar bills. “You always hear, ‘buyer beware,’ but you should be ‘seller beware’ … Continue reading »

Scammer Targets EWEB Customers

EUGENE, Ore. — EWEB customers are being targeted by a scammer in order to get their personal financial information over the phone. The scammer tells the customer that he needs this in order for them to avoid any interruption in their EWEB services. At least two EWEB customers have reported since Monday that they received … Continue reading »

How to Avoid Travel Scams

EUGENE, Ore. – As vacation season begins, travelers are advised to be cautious about possible scams. The Oregon Department of Justice says there are six warning signs to look out for to prevent becoming a victim of a scam. Winning a free vacation, but having to pay fees first. A real company won’t ask for … Continue reading »

New Phone Scam Targets Veterans

EUGENE, Ore. — The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is warning about a scam that’s targeting Oregon veterans. Deputies say a woman called a vet and told him the VA was in the process of issuing new veteran cards. She then asked for his personal information, including where he banked. When the veteran asked who the … Continue reading »

New Scam Targets Those Looking for Love

EUGENE, Ore. — A new scam is targeting internet users looking for love, but taking their money instead. Internet scammers pose as members of the U.S. military looking for romance. Once they make a connection, they begin to ask for money for transportation, medical bills, cell phones and internet charges. The number of complaints have … Continue reading »

Scammers Pose as Computer Technicians

EUGENE, Ore. — Another phone scam is rearing its head in our community, and this time the scammers are getting smarter. The Lane County Sheriff’s Office says scammers are calling and identifying themselves as Windows Technical Support. They’re telling people there is a problem with their computers, and then they ask for access, sometimes downloading … Continue reading »

Phone Scam Targets Computer Users

EUGENE, Ore. — A phone scam in Lane County is taking advantage of people who need help with their computers, the Lane County Sheriff’s Office said Monday. Investigators say the scammers call and tell the victim they’re from Windows Technical support and that they need to get remote access to their computer in order to … Continue reading »

Website Scams Veneta Woman

VENETA, Ore. — A Veneta woman thought she was getting a great deal on a birthday present for her kids. Instead, she got scammed. The mom saw the posting on Craigslist for a brand-new play structure. When she contacted the vendor, he told her to pay with a prepaid card. So she picked one up … Continue reading »

Hotel Scam Alert

EUGENE, Ore. — As spring break wraps up Eugene police have a warning for travelers returning home, check your credit card statements. A scam targeting hotel guests is sweeping the nation and has made its way to Eugene. It’s the only known incident. It starts with a call and ends in a traveler getting tricked … Continue reading »

Hotel Guests Targeted by Scam

EUGENE, Ore. — A scam targeting hotel guests has been reported in Eugene. The Eugene Police Department says scammers called at least one local hotel and asked to be transferred to phones lines of several rooms. When a guest would answer, the scammer pretends to be the front desk clerk. They tell the guest they’re … Continue reading »

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