Alarms Installed in Medford Schools

MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford schools are taking new steps and using new technology to help police respond faster during an emergency. It’s an effort that began shortly after the Sandy Hook Shooting in 2012. For the past few months, Medford schools have been installing police alarms. With one push of a button, they inform police … Continue reading »

Sheriff Moderates School Safety Forum

EUGENE, Ore. — The public had an opportunity Wednesday to ask a panel of Lane County experts about how they’re keeping schools safe. Northwest Christian University hosted the safety forum. Lane County Sheriff Tom Turner was the moderator, asking experts about how they’re staying prepared in case of an emergency at a school. “Hopefully the … Continue reading »

Police to Hold School Safety Forum

EUGENE, Ore. — School violence–it seems like we hear about it all the time these days. That’s why local law enforcement agencies are teaming up and inviting the public to learn about public safety. Lane County law enforcement officials are inviting the public to a forum next Wednesday called School Safety and Dangerous Acts of … Continue reading »

Study: Teachers Don’t Want to Carry Guns

(CNN) — The vast majority of America’s teachers don’t want to carry a gun in the classroom, despite recent violence. That’s from a survey by School Improvement Network, a company that helps with teacher training. It talked with nearly 11,000 educators. Here it what the study found: -72 percent said they wouldn’t carry a gun … Continue reading »