Groups React to Supreme Court Ruling

EUGENE, Ore. — Privately held companies with religious objections, like Hobby Lobby, cannot be forced to offer certain types of birth control coverage under President Obama’s health care law. In a 5-to-4 decision Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that some for-profit corporations have religious rights. The high court considered appeals from the arts-and-crafts giant … Continue reading »

SCOTUS Partly Checks Obama on Emissions

(CNN) — The Supreme Court has taken away some of the Obama administration’s authority to tighten emission standards. In a 5-4 decision on Monday, the justices affirmed conclusions by much of the scientific community that greenhouse gases are an air pollutant. But they said the Environmental Protection Agency could not completely extend its regulatory authority … Continue reading »

SCOTUS Rules on Online Child Porn Case

(CNN) — The Supreme Court on Wednesday made it somewhat easier for victims of online child porn to recover limited financial restitution from some of those who download their images. The majority in the 5-4 ruling concluded that lower courts could use discretion in continuing to award damages, but restitution should be based on certain … Continue reading »