Sequester Affects OSU Research Funds

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Oregon State University gets 60 percent of its research funding from federal government programs, but with sequestration, research programs will take a big hit. “This is the time to lay the groundwork or the basis for your future,” said research assistant Josh Cuzzone. PhD student Cuzzone talks about the importance of research. … Continue reading »

Head Start Advocates Protest Sequester

EUGENE, Ore. — Local Head Start advocates demonstrated outside of Representative Peter DeFazio’s office Friday to tell the congressman they are not happy about the effect the sequester will have on Head Start programs. For event organizer and parent Aloma Murray, Head Start is a family affair. “I just felt like it was really important … Continue reading »

Eugene City Council Discusses Future

EUGENE, Ore. — Last night, President Obama signed off on across-the-board budget cuts, leaving government at every level looking to find ways to save money. The Eugene City Council is already preparing for the changes. For the past two days, the council has been working to identify the needs of the city in its annual … Continue reading »

Sequestration Pressure Felt Locally

EUGENE, Ore. — Managers from a number of Lane County departments are preparing for the potential cuts if the sequestration goes through March 1. The impact could affect health care, education and public safety in Lane County. Oregon Public Health would lose hundreds of thousands of dollars that help prevent and treat substance abuse. “Pretty … Continue reading »

Federal Workers Could Face Furloughs

(CNN) — Federal workers could start facing furloughs as early as April, unless Congress steps in to stop automatic spending cuts. Those across-the-board cuts are set to kick in March 1. The so-called sequester would trim $1.2 trillion from federal budgets over a decade. Agencies would have to negotiate with unions and then give employees … Continue reading »