Life After Shark Tank: Chopstick Art

EUGENE, Ore. — Shark Tank–it’s an ABC show about making money and making deals. Most sales pitches promote something new. However, during season one, season one, a Eugene artist dared to bait the sharks with a used product. Oregonian Bryan Parks first pieced together an idea while on a trip to China. He wondered, what … Continue reading »

Wild Friends Foods

PORTLAND, Ore. — Many start-up companies need investors. They dream of pitching an idea on ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank. Two University of Oregon students took a chance, their on-line product now available in grocery stores nationwide. Behold the power of peanut butter. Creamy or chunky and packed with protein. It sticks to the roof … Continue reading »

Life After Shark Tank: Part 2

EUGENE, Ore. — Do you think you have what it takes to swim with sharks? Two University of Oregon students walked away with a win on the ABC show Shark Tank. Now their on-line products are now available in stores nationwide. We’ll have the wild story behind Wild Friends Foods tonight on KEZI 9 News … Continue reading »

Life After Shark Tank: Part 1

EUGENE, Ore. — Some Oregon entrepreneurs took the plunge on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank. How is business after the show? Click on the video above to find out how Pedal Powered Smoothies made the cut and grew from a sidewalk stand to a healthy blending machine.

Interview: Duck Tank Competition

EUGENE, Ore. — A spin-off of the show Shark Tank, called the Duck Tank, is happening Thursday at the University of Oregon. The competition focuses on digital creativity as four student teams square off in the competition for $15, 000 in prizes. Jason Germany and Ken Kato, faculty coaches for the competition, joined us live … Continue reading »

Corvallis “Shark Tank” Spinoff Event

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Two Corvallis entrepreneurs were selected in a local spinoff rendition of ABC’s “Shark Tank” to be part of the OSU Advantage Accelerator, a program that will help them expand their businesses. The OSU Advantage Accelerator, a Corvallis program, teamed up with the Willamette Innovators’ Network Tuesday evening for the Shark Tank event. … Continue reading »

Local Entrepreneurs Compete in Contest

CORVALLIS, Ore. — If you’ve seen the ABC TV show Shark Tank, you know it can be difficult to convince investors to believe in your business. But Tuesday night, local entrepreneurs get to do the same kind of thing. They’re pitching to the Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator in Corvallis. It’s an organization through the … Continue reading »

Local Nut Butter Business Grows

EUGENE, Ore. — What started out as a simple side project has snowballed into a full-time business for two local girls. Wild Squirrel Nut Butter got its start in Eugene, but has gained nationwide recognition, including a stint on ABC’s Shark Tank. The girls say though the deal was a bust. The exposure was just … Continue reading »