SLEEPS At Fairgrounds Cited, Moves

  EUGENE, Ore. — After receiving citations Friday morning members of SLEEPS who were camped outside the Lane County Fairgrounds packed up their tents. It appears they just moved to a new location. At the request of Lane County Eugene Police cited two people at about 6:00 a.m. Friday morning. Officers say they cannot arrest … Continue reading »

SLEEPS Cited at Lane County Fairgrounds

EUGENE, Ore. — SLEEPS protesters are still camping at the Lane County Fairgrounds, even though police have ordered them to leave. A handful of tents and people are still there despite Thursday night’s warning. Eugene police say the county asked them to address the camping issue going on there. Police came out there Thursday night … Continue reading »

SLEEPS Responds to County Allegations

EUGENE, Ore. — The organizers of the SLEEPS movement have a few questions for the man who suggested their protest shut down. A spokesperson questioned the Health Department’s tour and recommendation that suggested the county close the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza. “When he came on site, did he see anyone that was sick? As … Continue reading »

Department Cites SLEEPS Health Concerns

EUGENE, Ore. — New information highlights one of the reasons why Lane County called a special meeting early next week to address the SLEEPS protest in Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza. A spokesperson with Lane County told KEZI 9 News that a county health department official toured the plaza Thursday to see first hand what … Continue reading »

Commissioners to Address Plaza Use

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County commissioners will hold a meeting next week to discuss the growing SLEEPS demonstration at Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza. On the agenda is the possible emergency closure of the area demonstrators are now calling home base. SLEEPS has been camping out at Free Speech Plaza since last week protesting for … Continue reading »

Unwelcomed Group Sets Up Near SLEEPS

EUGENE, Ore. — The SLEEPS movement continues to grow in downtown Eugene and some of the new campers aren’t even affiliated with the activist group, but they say they also have a message to send. The activists camping out at Free Speech Plaza say they’re trying to make a statement about their right to sleep … Continue reading »

County to Address SLEEPS Concerns

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County Commissioners are putting together a plan to address safety and sanitation concerns after human feces were discovered near the SLEEPS camp downtown. Protesters are still camped out in the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza and say they have no plans to leave the area any time soon. In fact, they … Continue reading »

Mayor Explains Eugene’s SLEEPS Stance

EUGENE, Ore. — Mayor Kitty Piercy goes one-on-one with the public and answered questions about the expanding SLEEPS movement. The sessions are part of Piercy’s plan to meet with the community. She sat down with several residents at Albertson’s in the Bethel area. At least one person talked with Piercy extensively about SLEEPS and the … Continue reading »

SLEEPS Protest Causes Safety Concerns

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County commissioners say if the recent sanitary concerns weren’t enough at the SLEEPS camp in downtown Eugene, they can now add public access and safety to the list. Commissioners say they’ve gotten several calls from citizens who felt uncomfortable and even unsafe walking through the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza. They … Continue reading »

SLEEPS Expands

EUGENE, Ore. — As promised, the SLEEPS movement expanded Monday. The occupy movement opened two new sites, one in Skinner Butte Park and one just outside the fence at the Lane County Fairgrounds. Demonstrators say they chose this site because of the positive response from the community and plan to start making their presence known. … Continue reading »

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