Study Looks at Age to Buy Cigarettes

(CNN) — A new study suggests that raising the minimum age to buy cigarettes could result in fewer premature deaths. The Institute of Medicine report says setting the minimum age to 21 could mean 50,000 fewer lung cancer deaths for those born between 2000 and 2019. Most states require consumers to be 18 to buy … Continue reading »

Tackling Tobacco Trends

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Smoking trends from the past few years show many Americans are choosing to quit, but health officials say that’s not enough. They’re still pushing for a tobacco-free society. “I was diagnoses with COPD, and I immediately started in pulmonary rehab,” said former smoker Carol Brittingham Clay. Clay smoked cigarettes on and off … Continue reading »

WHO Calls for E-Cigarette Regulations

(CNN) — E-cigarettes were marketed as the answer to the foul results of tobacco smoke. But the World Health Organization now suggests the vapors from e-cigarettes increase the levels of toxins in the air, including nicotine. The agency is calling for standardized regulations to prevent advertisers and the industry from making unproved health claims for … Continue reading »

Widow Gets $23.6 B in Smoking Lawsuit

(CNN) — The widow of a man who died of lung cancer won a major lawsuit against R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. A Florida jury awarded Cynthia Robinson $23.6 billion in damages. She sued the company, claiming it didn’t warn people about the dangers of smoking. Her husband started smoking when he was 13 years old … Continue reading »

Doctors React to Teens Smoking Hookah

MEDFORD, Ore. — With information collected over two years, the Journal Pediatrics found that nearly one out of five high school seniors smoked hookah within the last year. Hookah devices typically force the tobacco smoke through water that cools it, which makes it feel less harsh to inhale. Doctors also say teens can be drawn … Continue reading »

Medford Prepares to Enforce Smoking Ban

MEDFORD, Ore. — The city of Medford and Medford Police are still working out how to enforce the city’s new park smoking ban. Medford’s city council unanimously approved the ban to make city-owned properties smoke and tobacco free. The city is making plans to install signs and decals to make the public aware of the … Continue reading »

Smokers Use E-Cigarettes to Quit Smoking

MEDFORD, Ore. — Nancy Lowe was a long-time smoker. And when you smoke for 30 years, she says it’s tough to stop. She says she tried a patch, a prescription and even tried going cold turkey. She says none of that worked. “There are so many different things that you are addicted to. It’s not … Continue reading »

Corvallis Passes E-Cigarette Ordinance

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Some new rules are now in place in Corvallis, when it comes to e-cigarettes. City councilors passed an ordinance that prohibits the sale of electronic cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18, and it makes it illegal to smoke e-cigarettes anywhere smoking is already banned. That includes indoor workplaces and public … Continue reading »

New Driving Laws for 2014

EUGENE, Ore. — Once the new year rings in, there will be some new driving laws Oregonians will have to follow. Starting Jan. 1, to encourage Oregonians to keep both hands on the wheel, the fine for driving while using a cell phone will increase from $250 to a maximum of $500. And for the … Continue reading »

Doctors Warn of Third-Hand Smoke Dangers

(CNN) — We know smoking can harm us. And if we live with a smoker, that second hand smoke we inhale can affect us as well. “Second-hand smoke is when somebody smokes in the presence of other people and they inhale that smoke. That causes all kinds of problems such as lung cancer, such as … Continue reading »

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