Oregon Worst for Tobacco Sales to Minors

EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon leads the nation when it comes to selling tobacco to minors. This comes from a national study that monitors sales of tobacco to minors. The report comes from a congressional act aimed at decreasing access to tobacco for our youth called the Synar Amendment. Every year the Substance Abuse and Mental … Continue reading »

Light Up and Pay Up in Corvallis

CORVALLIS, Ore. — If smokers now light up their cigarettes in certain areas of Corvallis, they are facing up to a $500 fine depending on the number of offenses they already have. For years, non-smokers have been complaining about breathing in second-hand smoke in downtown areas, and the Corvallis City Council has been listening. Effective … Continue reading »

Bill Bans Smoking in Cars with Kids

EUGENE, Ore. — Smokers in Oregon could get a $250 ticket if they light that cigarette up with their kids in the back seat. The House passed a bill allowing officers to ticket smokers, but they must be pulled over for another offense. Lane County Public Health administrators say this law will help protect children … Continue reading »

Group Prevents Smoking During Pregnancy

EUGENE, Ore. — A local health care group is pushing to get women to stop smoking during pregnancy. Trillium Community Health Plan invested $180,000 to start a prevention initiative to cut down on the number of pregnant women smoking during pregnancy, and they’re offering monetary incentives to women who quit. To do this, the health … Continue reading »

Smokers React to Proposed Tobacco Tax

EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon lawmakers are considering raising taxes on cigarettes by a dollar a pack–that would bump it up to $2.18. According to health advocates, raising taxes on tobacco products is an effective way to reduce tobacco use. Smokers aren’t convinced that raising taxes is the best way to get rid of tobacco use. … Continue reading »

Smoking Ban Debate Begins

EUGENE, Ore. — The debate has begun over eliminating smoking at all public parks and county buildings. Lane County Health and Human Services opened the policy discussions at a town hall meeting Wednesday night. About a dozen people showed up for the meeting. The health department first gave information about the dangers and cost of … Continue reading »

County Parks Could Go Tobacco-Free

EUGENE, Ore. — A public health discussion about stomping out cigarettes at all Lane County parks and buildings gets under way Wednesday night. Health and human services staff say they already received a lot of feedback from both sides of the issue. When we spoke with park visitors Tuesday, many wondered how the county would … Continue reading »

Public Forum on OSU Smoking Ban

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Oregon State University in Corvallis will be smoke free starting September 1st, and a public forum will be held Wednesday night to inform the community about the new policy. The forum is tonight from 6:00 pm to 7:00 at the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library. Starting the first of next month, smoking will … Continue reading »

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