Busy Weekend for Party Patrol

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s the weekend before finals. Sgt. Larry Crompton and six other officers are out to break up celebrations that are getting out of hand. “As the weather changes and becomes nicer we have more foot traffic and people just kind of partying out on the street corners,” said Crompton. On 14th and … Continue reading »

Eugene Police Launch Party Patrols

EUGENE, Ore. — You can listen up, or learn the hard way by paying hundreds, even thousands of dollars in penalties. Eugene Police is the launching the party patrols. EPD says the combination of warmer weather and St. Patrick’s Day will likely have people in the party mood. Officers plan to be active in the … Continue reading »

EPD Busts Off-Campus Party

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene police say a loud party near the University of Oregon got out of control Friday night leading to two arrests and several citations. Police say just before 11 p.m., they could hear loud noise and music about a half block from a home on the 1100 block of Ferry Street. Officers … Continue reading »

EPD Urges Students to Party Responsibly

EUGENE, Ore. — Students are settling into town and the Eugene Police Department wants to make sure they don’t let themselves get out of hand. Police say folks need to be aware of the responsibilities they have even when partying. For example, the city’s unruly gathering ordinance went into effect back in March. So if … Continue reading »

Students Hire Security for Parties

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene’s social host ordinance went into effect in April in an effort to limit unruly parties near University of Oregon. Since then, the way of hosting parties has changed. Students at the U of O know that out-of-control partying is going to cost them anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. So … Continue reading »

Students React To Party Citations.

  EUGENE, Ore. –Eugene Police issue their first tickets to students violating the social host ordinance in a big party bust. EPD says more than 100 people were at a party Monday night. Trash is still visible outside the home near the University of Oregon on Tuesday afternoon. “We heard some people getting pretty ruckus … Continue reading »

UO Students Petition to Repeal Ordinance

EUGENE, Ore. — Students at the University of Oregon are petitioning to repeal the social host ordinance. They argue the Eugene ordinance is too harsh. The students are fed up with the ordinance, and have organized a campaign to repeal it. They say it just puts too much of a financial burden on those who … Continue reading »

New Video of Party Arrests Surfaces

EUGENE, Ore. — New video surfaced Tuesday showing the arrests made during a party that police say got out of control Saturday night. The video was posted on YouTube Tuesday by a person claiming to have attended the party. That person alleges the video shows officers acting inappropriately when arresting eight people that night. Eugene … Continue reading »

Eugene Police Arrest 8 at Party

EUGENE, Ore. — Police arrested eight people Saturday night after they say a party got out of control. Police initially responded to a noise complaint but ended up writing more than 20 citations and hauling several people to jail. Residents said they were mistreated by police, but the Eugene Police Department says their actions were … Continue reading »

Co-op Residents Upset About Arrests

EUGENE, Ore. — Residents of a west university house say that police illegally entered their home Friday night and arrested several people. Eugene Police responded to the house known as The Campbell Club because of a noise complaint. They say the house on the 1600 block of Alder Street has been on their radar for … Continue reading »

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