Man Arrested for Invasion of Privacy

KEIZER, Ore. — There’s been a twist in a case involving a Keizer man facing charges for stalking his stepdaughter. This week, he took multiple plea deals including one for another case for using hidden cameras to record other women undressing. Police arrested 51-year-old Bryan Tilley earlier this year in Corvallis for hacking into his … Continue reading »

Social Media Impacts Investigations

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Medford Police Department says no matter the incident or graphic nature, if it happens in public view, photos and videos will typically end up on Facebook or Twitter almost instantly. Police say these posts can sometimes help the investigation because the documentation can let officers get a better idea of what … Continue reading »

Underage Sex Sting

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Police arrested a man on Monday after he made plans to meet with a 14-year-old girl for sex – or so he thought. Corvallis detectives arrested 34-year-old Kevin Miller of St. Helens as part of an undercover operation. The department has set up multiple online accounts pretending to be minors. Police say … Continue reading »

Legislature Protects Students’ Privacy

EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon college students can breathe easy knowing their universities will not have access to their social media accounts after a bill passed almost unanimously Monday. The Legislature voted 57 to 1 in favor of barring colleges and universities from having access to students’ social media accounts and passwords. “I’m glad they’re not … Continue reading »

House Approves Social Media Bill

SALEM, Ore. — The Oregon Legislature approved a bill that protects the privacy rights of college students. The bill prevents colleges and universities from demanding access to private social media pages maintained by current or prospective students. Schools are still allowed to request information in the course of investigating possible illegal activity. The bill now … Continue reading »

House Passes Social Media Privacy Bill

SALEM, Ore. — The Oregon House passed a bill that would extend privacy rights to include social media. House Bill 2654, passed Monday, would prohibit employers from demanding access to Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites. It now moves to the Senate where several senators have been working on similar legislation to protect the … Continue reading »

Fundraising Using Social Media

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Book after book line the shelves at Thurston High School’s library, but there’s one title in particular Hannah Doyle is trying to find. “I’m looking to see if they have a copy of Beloved by Toni Morrison,” she said. It’s not in fiction. We then try a reserved area for school book … Continue reading »

Social Media’s Impact on Debate

EUGENE, Ore. — Eleven-point-one million tweets–that’s how many 140-character messages were posted on Twitter during Wednesday night’s presidential debate, making it the most tweeted events in political history. Popular topics tweeted included Romney’s comment about cutting PBS funding, also reviews of both candidates, as well as opinions on mediator Jim Lehrer’s performance. The tweet tally … Continue reading »