Stuck in the South Hills

EUGENE, Ore. — If you think shoveling snow, de-icing your car and driving around is rough, try living in the south hills of Eugene. ┬áMost people up there are lucky if they can get on the roads at all.┬áKEZI 9 News reporter Jessica Debbas shows us the struggles of the snowy south hills.

Residents Avoiding Slick Roads

EUGENE, Ore. — The city is asking residents to avoid the slick roads if possible. Residents in Eugene say they’re happy to stay home and avoid the roads, especially those living in the south hills neighborhoods. Residents were outside walking and doing other snow related activities but they say that’s about all they’re going to … Continue reading »

Willamette Street Changes

EUGENE, Ore. — Some changes could be coming to the area of Willamette Street between 24th and 32nd avenues, which is home to many local businesses. At the intersection of Willamette Street and 25th Avenue, there are two lanes of traffic in each direction, but no bike lanes. The proposal to change traffic patterns on … Continue reading »

Fire Damages South Hills Home

EUGENE, Ore. — A fire causes significant damage to a home in the south hills. It happened on the 2900 block of Mclean at about 10 p.m. Tuesday night. The couple who lives there said they were sitting in the living room when all of their lights went out. That’s when they discovered they were … Continue reading »

Accidents Strike South Hills

EUGENE, Ore. — For those who live in the South Hills of Eugene, the early-morning commute was a bit of a challenge. Eugene Police say they dealt with at least a half a dozen accidents. Up at the intersection of Timberline and Warren, a car slid into a parked car, knocking it off an embankment … Continue reading »

Public Works Responds to Snow

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene Public Works had all hands on deck when the snow started Monday night and will do the same Tuesday evening. It’s the first valley snowfall of the winter. Public Works says the weather didn’t warrant a snow ice emergency that usually happens when there is an inch or more of accumulation. … Continue reading »