Spaceship Crash On-Scene Work Wraps Up

MOJAVE, Calif. — The on-scene investigation into Friday’s SpaceShipTwo mishap is wrapping up. One pilot was killed and another injured when the experimental spacecraft broke up high above the southern California desert. The ship was launched by Virgin Galactic, which provides commercial spaceflight. The acting chairman of the NTSB said Monday their on-scene work in the … Continue reading »

Meteor Shower May 23rd

EUGENE, Ore. – With partly cloudy skies expected Friday night, Oregonians may be able to see the Linear meteor shower. From 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Friday, the Earth will pass through the debris trail left behind by comet 209P LINEAR. There’s a chance to see 100-400 meteors per hour and possibly even the occasional … Continue reading »