Public Works Crews Prepare for Storm

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — City public works crews are on standby this weekend ready to respond to reports of flooding. Eugene Public Works says while it’s definitely rainy outside, there aren’t any major problems out on the roadways yet. Crews in Springfield say they haven’t received any reports of major localized flooding in their area either. … Continue reading »

Crews Continue Clearing Roads

SPRINGFIELD/EUGENE, Ore. — This storm started with some fluffy snow, but there’s now freezing rain and ice in the mix. Eugene and Springfield Public Works crews say this time around, temperatures are a bit warmer than the December snow storm. This is allowing their plows and de-icers to still be effective, but they do have … Continue reading »

Crews Prepare Roads for Cold Weather

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Public Works crews are kind of playing the waiting game right now. They’re on stand by with sand trucks and plows if needed. But on Thursday, they were busy doing as much preparation as possible. Springfield Public Works crews worked on de-icing roads. They focused on hills, bridges and over passes, or … Continue reading »