St. Patrick’s Day Fun

EUGENE, Ore. — One thing that’s developing right now, the Irish spirit. It continues to grow as more and more people head out the door to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. The shamrocks were up and the music was likely blaring at McShanes in South Eugene. It’s just one of many places with a special lineup … Continue reading »

Students Make Leprechaun Traps

EUGENE, Ore. — Some students spent the Monday trying to trap a leprechaun. The third grade class at Buena Vista Elementary School walked in Monday morning to find clear signs one of the mystical creatures had been in the classroom. Each student spent hours creating their very own traps to catch the culprit. With Legos, … Continue reading »

Firefighters Playing Bagpipes Monday

EUGENE, Ore. — A group of Eugene and Springfield firefighters are getting ready for action Monday, not with their helmets and hoses but their kilts and bagpipes. They’re called the Eugene Firefighters Pipes and Drums. Started in 2007, the 10-member band plays at various ceremonies and memorials throughout Oregon. Pipe major and band founder, Wayne … Continue reading »