Starbucks to Offer Pre-Orders

(CNN) — Starbucks has unveiled a new service for customers who don’t want to wait in line. The Starbucks app will now allow users to order drinks from their phone, and skip the line at the store. This is part of Starbucks’ plan to expand sales over mobile devices, which already accounts for about 14 … Continue reading »

Starbucks Sets Sights on Chad Drive

EUGENE, Ore. — Chad Drive in Eugene could soon be home to a drive-thru Starbucks. The city is doing a traffic study to see if the location makes sense. The coffee shop hopes to open shop at Chad Drive and Coburg Road between Taco Bell and Video Only. The city of Eugene’s planning department says … Continue reading »

Starbucks Eyes New Eugene Location

EUGENE, Ore. — Coffee giant Starbucks is exploring a new location in northeast Eugene. The city of Eugene says it plans to meet with project representatives Thursday to discuss a proposed stand alone drive-thru Starbucks on Chad Drive. The city says it has a map of the site which would be about 33,000 square feet. It says … Continue reading »

Starbucks to Pay $2.7B in Kraft Dispute

(CNN) — A years-long contract fight with Kraft will end up costing Starbucks big money. An arbitrator ruled Tuesday the coffee giant will have to pay out $2.7 billion in damages and fees. The dispute stems from a contract Starbucks backed out of in 2010. The 10-year contract was signed in 2004 and gave Kraft … Continue reading »

Starbucks Requests No Guns in its Shops

EUGENE, Ore. — A national coffee chain’s stepping into the gun debate by requesting customers to not bring guns into its coffee shops. Even though Oregon’s an open carry state, this request still applies to local Starbucks stores. It’s not something you see every day or really ever for some who use Starbucks. “I haven’t … Continue reading »

Starbucks to Take Stand on Fiscal Cliff

(CNN) — Starbucks will publicly take a stand on the looming Fiscal Cliff. CEO Howard Schultz is asking workers at its 120 D.C. area stores to write “Come Together” on the coffee cups they serve on Thursday and Friday. He says it’s a way to “send our elected officials a respectful but potent message, urging … Continue reading »

Starbucks to Sell $450 Steel Gift Cards

(CNN) — Starbucks is offering its first super premium gift card. USA Today reports the coffee giant is releasing the Starbucks Metal Card, which costs $450. It’s loaded with $400. Starbucks says it costs another $50 to make the card, which is made of steel instead of plastic. It will only make 5,000 of the cards, … Continue reading »