Residents Oppose Stormwater Fee Change

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene residents are telling city councilors it’s time to learn to live within your means. The city council is considering new fees to plug a huge hole in the budget. The city council faced a tough crowd Tuesday night. Only one person spoke out in favor of the proposed fee. Everyone else … Continue reading »

Residents Challenge Proposed Ordinances

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene residents called proposed fees to the city’s stormwater system a deception and they don’t want anything to do with it. The City Manager presented the option at the end of last year to help balance the $6 million gap in the budget. While, it could provide the city about $4.5 million … Continue reading »

City Proposes Change to Stormwater Fees

EUGENE, Ore. — Residents will have their chance to weigh in Tuesday on a plan that will affect everyone who lives in Eugene. The Eugene City Council is holding a public hearing to talk about increasing how much Eugene residents pay in stormwater fees. The change to stormwater fees is just one part of a … Continue reading »