Graduates Talk About Student Debt

EUGENE, Ore. — The student debt crisis in America affects about 37 million people but thanks to some expanding federal programs, graduates are feeling more optimistic about paying their loans back. The national student debt is estimated at about $1 trillion and while it can be daunting, students we talked to say they plan to … Continue reading »

Grad Asks Congress to Help Lower Debt

EUGENE, Ore. — A Willamette High graduate is asking Congress to help lower the cost of college. Amber Lee just graduated this year. Soon she enlisted to help Oregon Senator Ron Wyden in his effort to create legislation, that could help alleviate the financial burden college-bound students are stuck with. In a recent presentation to … Continue reading »

Secretary Audits University System

EUGENE, Ore. — An audit of the Oregon University System has the secretary of state calling for change. Secretary Kate Brown wants to see more affordable options in the state’s public universities and debt reduction for college students in Oregon. Students KEZI 9 News spoke with say the cost of going after a degree these … Continue reading »

Debt for College Grads Increases

EUGENE, Ore. — More than two-thirds of 2011 college seniors crossed the graduation stage in debt, averaging close to $27,000 each, according to a recent report. According to the report by the Institute of College Access and Success, that average debt is up about 5 percent from the previous class. Lane Community College administrators say … Continue reading »

Senator Wyden Talks to Students About College Loan Debt

EUGENE, Ore. — University of Oregon students got to talk about their student debt issues with Senator Ron Wyden and University of Oregon interim president Robert Berdahl Wednesday afternoon. Instead of giving a long speech to the dozens of students and UO officials that came to hear him speak, Wyden opened up the floor for … Continue reading »