OHSU Study Identifies Autism Risk Factor

PORTLAND, Ore. — Researchers at OHSU say they’re making huge progress, in identifying genetic risk factors for autism. Scientists say there are about 400 genes associated with autism. A study published Wednesday identified 27 of those genes. Researchers say if they’re mutated, they will either cause autism or contribute to its risk. Scientists say this … Continue reading »

Oregon Ranks as Least Corrupt State

EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon is the least corrupt state in the country at least according to a new study that looks at waste, fraud, and abuse among public employees. The study, conducted by scientists at Indiana University and City University of Hong Kong, found that Oregon had 1.28 corruption convictions per hundred thousand public employees, … Continue reading »

Obesity Rate Remains at 15 Percent

EUGENE, Ore. — A new national study found obesity rates have recently declined among low income preschoolers in about half the US, but Oregon isn’t part of the trend. Researchers analyzed the weights and heights of 12 million children ages two to four, from 2008 to 2011. Several western states including California and Washington saw … Continue reading »

Cancer Prevention Study-3 Begins

EUGENE, Ore. — The American Cancer Society kicked off its Cancer Prevention Study-3 campaign in the Eugene-Springfield area, Wednesday. It’s the first time in the Pacific Northwest was invited to take part in a long-term study to better understand what’s causing cancer and what prevents it. Anyone between the ages of 30-65 years old and … Continue reading »

Cancer Cure Challenge

EUGENE, Ore. — The city of Eugene’s Health and Fitness Director is taking health and fitness one step further; his mission to get rid of cancer. Steve Auferoth, 58, is the Eugene’s Health and Fitness Director and teaches classes and inspires healthy life styles. Healthy city employees translates to fewer doctor visits, meaning savings on … Continue reading »

OSU President Compensation Mixup

CORVALLIS, Ore. — A new study ranking executive compensation at public universities is out. It ranks Oregon State University President Ed Ray as the 20th highest paid public university president in the nation. But the Oregon University System says that’s wrong and is setting the record straight. “The chronicle of higher education did make an … Continue reading »

Athletes Play with Concussion Symptoms

(CNN) — By now, it’s pretty clear that concussions, caused by any sport, are pretty serious. But researchers are finding a lot of teens who think it’s still ok to keep on playing with a concussion, even when they know it’s dangerous. A new study conducted by doctors at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, finds high … Continue reading »