Request for Swartout Records Research Denied

EUGENE, Ore. —┬áThe Lane County Circuit Court denied KEZI 9 News’ request for public records relating to some of the costs for the Angelica Swartout murder trials. We received an email from the trial court administrator saying it “doesn’t have an existing report or record with the information for our request”. Because the request would … Continue reading »

Jury Acquits Swartout

By Jennifer Richardson EUGENE, Ore. — It only took about an hour for jurors in the Angelica Swartout murder trial to decide she is innocent. The verdict comes after almost a month of testimony. There have been a lot of tears shed Thursday afternoon, and Swartout is all smiles. She was at a local hotel … Continue reading »

Swartout Trial Closing Arguments Begin

EUGENE, Ore. — The fate of Angelica Swartout will soon be in the hands of the jury. Jurors in her last trial could not reach a verdict, so the judge declared a mistrial. The prosecution told jurors everything they have to decide in this case has already happened. Prosecutor Bob Lane asked the jurors to … Continue reading »

Angelica Swartout Murder Retrial

EUGENE, Ore. — The defense rested its case in the murder retrial of Angelica Swartout. Nearly three weeks after the trail began, we find ourselves close to deliberations. Here’s a look back at some of the testimony. In some murder trials, jurors never get to hear from the person at the center of the case. … Continue reading »

Jurors Hear Contradicting Testimony in Swartout Retrial

EUGENE, Ore. — Contradicting testimony was front and center Wednesday in the Angelica Swartout murder trial. A doctor testified about a physical exam she conducted on Swartout while she was in jail. “It is my professional opinion that she was not pregnant. First of all, there is no proof that would be acceptable to an … Continue reading »

Angelica Swartout Takes the Stand

By Jennifer Richardson EUGENE, Ore. — After a four-day break, Angelica Swartout took the stand to testify in her defense. Swartout is charged with killing her baby. For the first time during the entire trial, we saw tears from Swartout. When she took the stand, she immediately looked at the jurors and told them this … Continue reading »

More Delays and Testimony in Swartout Retrial

By Jennifer Richardson EUGENE, Ore. — More delays and testimony in the murder re-trial of Angelica Swartout. The defense wants to prove she wasn’t pregnant. There were a lot of delays Thursday because of problems with the availability of witnesses for the defense. A man claiming he was intimate with Swartout while she was supposed … Continue reading »

Court Focuses on Swartout’s Personal Life

By Jennifer Richardson EUGENE, Ore. — Angelica Swartout’s defense started to lay out its case Wednesday to try to prove the woman accused of murdering her baby was never pregnant. The defense presented a couple of witnesses who say they didn’t think Swartout was pregnant. Then the focus turned to Swartout’s home life. “It was … Continue reading »

Court Plays Swartout’s Taped Confession

May 15, 2012 By Jennifer Richardson EUGENE, Ore. — Jurors watched a dramatic taped murder confession given by Angelica Swartout on the sixth day of her re-trial. Swartout is charged with killing her newborn son and tossing his body in a dumpster. Emotions were high in the courtroom Tuesday and lots of tears as jurors … Continue reading »

What’s Next After Swartout Hung Jury

February 9, 2012 By Jennifer Richardson EUGENE, Ore. — A jury couldn’t decide on guilt or innocence in the case of Angelica Swartout. She’s accused of murdering her baby. KEZI sat down with a local defense attorney who did not serve on the Swartout case but says a hung jury usually bodes well for the … Continue reading »

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