Family Flees Syria, Opens Corvallis Cafe

CORVALLIS, Ore – A family who fled the war zone in Syria is now bringing an international taste to the Corvallis community. In September, KEZI 9 News first spoke with the father of the family, who wishes to remain nameless, when he and his family were staying in a homeless shelter. “I had no choice,” … Continue reading »

Couple Rides Unicycles Across Country

NEAR VIDA, Ore. — Dustin and Katie Kelm are passionate about their work at a Minneapolis non-profit and are not spreading their word in the most conventional way. “Working with refugees in Lebanon and Jordan and just we’re trying to spread the word about the over 2 million refugees that have fled Syria, huge need … Continue reading »

Eugene Man Evaluates U.S. Syrian Plan

EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene man closely watched President Obama’s address Tuesday night regarding Syria. The President said he’s exploring whether a Russian proposal to put Syria’s chemical weapons under international control might work. However the administration will continue to seek congressional support for an attack. Armen Kevrekian watched the President’s speech intently at Ambrosia … Continue reading »

Syrian Family Flees to Corvallis

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Fleeing from violence, a Syrian family dangerously crossed border lines to a familiar city, a city the parents and children all call home: Corvallis. A Syrian couple, wishing to remain nameless to protect their safety, fled Damascus a few weeks ago. Along with their three children, the family went to Community Outreach … Continue reading »

Local Residents React to War in Syria

EUGENE, Ore. — A number of local advocates fighting for peace rallied in Eugene against the war in Syria Wednesday evening. The peace advocates at the old federal building aren’t the only ones against getting involved in the Syrian war. One Eugene man who grew up in Syria says the last thing the country needs … Continue reading »

Rep. DeFazio Addresses Syria Concerns

EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio is urging President Obama to consult with Congress before taking any military action. DeFazio says it’s obvious Assad and his regime are committing war crimes against the Syrian people. But more than 150 members of Congress have signed two different letters urging the president to consult with Congress … Continue reading »